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Community service week in Kecamatan Kenjeran which took place on November 11 to November 18, 2017, is part of a series of activities Dies Natalis Airlangga University 63rd. As part of Airlangga University, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs participated in community service week by taking place at Muhammadyah Orphanage, Kenjeran. The location was chosen because it is built by one lecturer Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, Prayogo, S.Pi., MP. The cultivation of the catfish of the aquaponic system at the Muhammadyah Orphanage is the result of the fostering of Mr. Prayogo whose results have been sold in communities around the Orphanage. Not only catfish cultivation, but also green vegetables such as kale, spinach, mustard greens, watercress results from cultivation by utilizing nutrients from the rest of the feed and catfish metabolism so that it can reduce waste disposal results of cultivation activities through absorption by plant roots. According to the Panti Administration, the existence of this catfish cultivation of aquaponic system has been known by the surrounding community, thus raising the name of Muhammadyah Orphanage, Kenjeran. Assistance by Mr. Prayogo is continuously done primarily to improve the aquaponic system, and this is an example of good practice of community service activities.

Diversification of processed fish cultivation of the aquaponic system at Muhammadiyah Orphanage, Kenjeran is a theme appointed by the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine in the framework of Dies Natalis of Airlangga University to-63. According to Mr. Prayogo and Orphanage Management, the theme required to increase the selling value of catfish cultivation in the form of processed products. The form of processed products taught to the Orphanage daughters is how to make surimi from catfish, nuggets, and fish sticks from the basic ingredients of surimi fish. The daughters of the orphanage, on average, sit in high school and junior high school is very enthusiastic to practice making surimi under the direction of Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti, SPi., MP., M.Sc., one lecturer Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, ranging from how to split catfish to take the meat to wash the meat that has been destroyed. Each of the Orphanage daughters tried to make surimi. Not only practice to make surimi, they also practice making nuggets and fish sticks, so it does not feel 3.5 hours of time passed training with Ms. Dwi. Muhammadiyah Orphanage Board who saw the spirit of foster children practice cheered and promised to support the training results by producing surimi processing products, nuggets, and fish sticks so as to increase the sale value of catfish. On the occasion, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University provided a unit of the food processor to grind the meat of fish, a unit of equipment to print the shape of the stick, and a cool 18 liters cool box as a container for selling surimi products and frozen nuggets. It is expected that through the aid of such equipment can support Muhammadyah Orphanage to produce surimi processed products, catfish nuggets, and stick. Success for Muhammadyah Orphanage, Kenjeran.

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