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FFM News. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine (FFM) UNAIR again invited guest lecturers from abroad universities, Dr. Marina Hassan who is a lecturer and researcher from the  Institute of Tropical Aquaculture – Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (AKUATROP) – (August 19-20, 2019). She has competence in the field of Fish Deseases, Parasites and Histopathology.

The first day he filled a guest lecture on Histology for 3rd semester students with the title material Fish Histology in Aquaculture, the material discussed about normal fish tissue (not infected with microorganisms) or healthy fish. The material is very useful as a basic science of studying the structure of fish tissue naturally, before there is damage, how to structure cells both the cell nucleus and cytoplasm. So hopefully students will already have a basic to study fish pathology, where fish tissue has experienced damage or changes caused by bacterial infection or environmental disturbance. In addition to providing material, discussions were also held.

The second day’s agenda was a mini lab using a lucida camera for 7th semester students who took the thesis title on observations of parasitic infections, how the effects on the tissue caused by the parasite as well as the typical and shape of the infecting parasite. Understanding the morphology of a type of parasite is very useful for knowing the parasitic infection process in the body of the fish, estimating the clinical symptoms morphologically and learning more about the bacterial infection process. Here fisheries students will gain more insight outside of college. It is hoped that students will be even more skilled in operating the laboratory equipment and the Lucida camera. After discussing with final semester undergraduate students, Dr. Marina also discussed with Masters students in Fisheries Biotechnology program, in this case it is more relaxed because here S2 students are asked to tell or ask about the thesis topic taken. Adding knowledge to students from other sources is needed to increase the weight of students’ insights. The last agenda was discussion with lecturers from the Department of Management of Fish Health and Aquaculture of FFM. The discussion was about joint research, between Faculty of Fisheries and Marine – UNAIR and AKUATROP – UMT.


Daruti Dinda Nindarwi
Department of Management of Fish Health and Aquaculture
Email: daruti-dinda-n@fpk.unair.ac.id

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