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The Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University, represented by 2 lecturers, Ir. Agustono, M.Kes and Dr. Kismiyati and two educational staff from Dinny Purwoningrum, Amd, Anita Erna Faricha, S.Ptk, visited several street vendors’ locations to evaluate ongoing activities and get input from stakeholders. The three-day activity starts March 27-29, 2019 with the aim of PT Holi Mina Jaya (Rembang), PT Karya Mina Putra (Rembang), PT Bandeng Juwana Semarang and Payau Aquaculture Center for Jepara.

Visit at PT Holi Mina Jaya

There are five Student of FPK, THP Program PKL is here. The company processes various types of marine fish for export.


Visit at PT Karya Mina Putra

There are five FPK students, THP program PKL here. In contrast to PT Holi Mina Jaya, this company processes a variety of marine fish that are distributed only in domestic areas.

Visits at PT Bandeng Juwana
There are three FPK students, THP Program PKL here. This company has 3 activity locations, namely in the East Semarang Industrial environment for handling raw materials and temporary storage; in the industrial environment of Gatot Subroto for storage of raw materials and in Jalan Pandanaran for processing and selling products. Visits at PT Bandeng Juwana.

Visits at BBPBAP Jepara
There are 10 FPK students, Aquaculture Study Programs who are street vendors in BBPBAP Jepara.

From the interviews, all students do activities Street vendors in the four locations visited had an average discipline and willpower to work. Hopefully in the coming years there will be more locations that can accommodate student street vendors’ activities.

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