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FFM News. The Department of Marine of Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) again invited Guest Lecturers from foreign universities. This annual routine activity is carried out to increase knowledge of both science related to fisheries and marine and to improve students’ language skills. Guest lecture will be held for two days (August 19-20, 2019).

This guest lecture took the topic of fishery byproduct utilization. Come as a guest lecturer, Dr. Nor Fazliana Binti Mohtar from Universiti Malaysia Terengganu, Malaysia. The guest lecture was attended by 5th semester students of FFM UNAIR Fisheries Product Technology Study Program. In lecture, Dr. Fazliana provides a general description of the potential of fish material that can be produced such as fish meat for surimi, the potential for side ingredients produced from processing fish products. “From the fish that have been carried out by the fillet process, it will produce quite a lot of side ingredients. Fish heads, fish skins, scales, bones and even the digestive tract of fish. From the unused material can be produced materials such as collagen, gelatin and hydroxiapatid (Hap). These materials have many functions and are of high economic value. For example, Hap, an ingredient that can be extracted from catfish bones can be used as a safer toothpaste filler compared to synthetic chemicals that have been widely used so far. ” obviously this Lecturer graduated from Aukland University, New Zealand.

During the two-day visit, not only guest lectures were given, along with 7th semester students of the Fisheries Product Technology Study Program, Dr. Fazliana provides a coaching clinic for the preparation of concepts and research proposals. Dr. Fazliana also showed the results of the production of Hap material isolated from the bones of Patin fish that were ready to use. To enhance research collaboration, Dr. Fazliana discussed with members of the Marine Department. The Chair of the Department of Marine hopes that in the future it can continue to collaborate in research and publication of scientific articles, specifically the topic of fishery by product utilization with UMT.

Annur Ahadi Abdillah
Departement of Marine
Email: annur.ahadi@fpk.unair.ac.id

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