Industrial Visit of Airlangga University Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs to Brunei Darussalam Golden Corporation

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FPK News – Airlangga University Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Students (UNAIR) had the opportunity to make an industrial visit to the Golden Corporation (GC), which is one of the leading industries in Brunei Darussalam which focuses on blue shrimp and seafood processing. During the visit, 8 FPK students were accompanied by 2 students from the Faculty of Science (FOS) Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) and teaching staff Dr. Hussein Hj Taha, Dr. Pooja Shivanand, and Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti, S.Pi., M.P. The group was received directly by GC HRD and collected in the room to see a video about the activities carried out by this seafood processing company.

In the video which lasted about 10 minutes, it was explained that GC was a foreign investment company from Taiwan that was invited to collaborate with Semaun Marine Resources (SMR) to develop the Marine Resources Processing and Business Center project in Serambangun, Tutong, which was the first seafood company in Brunei Darussalam. Semaun Marine Resources is a semi-governmental business entity with a hatchery business for shrimp and fish where both became business partners in 2002 and jointly integrated all aquaculture industries in Brunei Darussalam which included upstream and downstream processes ranging from the selection of shrimp, shrimp farming and fish, seafood processing, surimi, feed to both domestic and foreign marketing. In addition to shrimp cultivation and processing of marine products, GC also invests in fishing vessels equipped with the latest technology. GC operates their own vessels in deeper marine zone areas that cannot be reached by local fishermen.

After viewing the video, the group was invited to see firsthand the shrimp production process, starting from sorting to freezing and packing to be ready to be distributed. GC has its own food store to sell processed seafood products that are opened to the general public. Students also do not forget to be given processed shrimp products to be able to feel the pleasure of the products produced by this Golden Corporation. The GC HRD provides an opportunity for foreign students to be able to conduct an internship for 2 months in the GC by making a proposal that will be submitted and sent to the e-mail address written on the GC website for the selection process. FPK students are very enthusiastic about the internship program at GC and will try the opportunities that have been given.

Author: Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti

Editor: Annur Ahadi Abdillah

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