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Internal Audit is an assessment tool that is made independently by an organization that aims to test and evaluate the various processes carried out by the organization. The purpose of internal audit activities is to assist organizational management in providing effective accountability. On this basis Airlangga University through the Quality Assurance Agency (BPM) conducts an internal audit to ensure the quality of the Study Program, Faculty and all Work Units at Airlangga University.

AIMS Internal Audit (Airlangga Integrated Management System) FPK UNAIR Aquaculture Study Program on October 8, 2018 Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs. The Excellence Leader predicate with a score of 376 is important because it can have a big impact on activities in the academic community. Output from AIMS internal audi is excellent service. The compliance audit was carried out by the Internal Auditor of AIMS based on the Decree of the Chancellor of Airlangga University. As an Auditee, KPS of Aquaculture Study Program is accompanied by Faculty Leaders (Vice Dean 1 and Vice Dean 3), Faculty Quality Assurance Unit and Study Program Quality Assurance Cluster. Examination of completeness of documents as proof of planning, activity, evaluation, and follow-up is part of the audit activities. Risk management is part of the internal audit of AIMS to find out how the study program identifies the risks faced, examines the results of risk identification and integrates into the academic process. BPM together with the Information Systems Directorate provides risk e-management facilities at cyber campus (UACC), making it easier for study programs to update risk management by system through e-Self Evaluation (SE).

Picture of Right: Suciati, S.Si., Apt., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Auditor), Dr. Aminatun, M.Si, (Auditor), Dr.Ir. Kismiyati (KPS of Aquaculture Study Program) and Dr. Ir. Endang Dewi Masithah, MP (Vice Dean 1 of FPK UNAIR).

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