International Guest Lecture dari Prof. Sakri Ibrahim dari Universiti College Bestari

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The Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs of the University of Airlangga had guests from Universiti College Bestari Malaysia, namely Prof. Dr. Sakri Ibrahim on December 17-21 2018. The activity was handled by the Department of Fish Health and Aquaculture Management. While at FPK, the activities that took place included discussions with the academic staff of the MKI-BP department through collaboration and coaching clinics related to publications. In addition, a guest lecture was held which was attended by 7th semester FPK students.

He gave lectures related to the balance of catch fisheries and aquaculture. He conveyed information about the potential of capture fisheries in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the world and how aquaculture became a supporter of fisheries stocks in the world so that the availability of fish could meet consumer demand. In the guest lecture, students play an active role in asking about the material.

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