Students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs have once again made a donation of international gold

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FPK News – Students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs UNAIR again contributed to international achievements. In the tournament this time Abdul Aziz, a S-1 student in the Aquaculture Study Program of the eighth semester of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, contributed to the 1st place. like Indonesia Malaysia, Timor Leste, and France. Students bearing blue belts (basic cadres) martial arts college Tapak Suci Putra Muhammadiyah prepared for three months before the match. In this tournament Aziz represented the Pimda Tapak Suci contingent from the Indonesian state.

Overall Airlangga University won the 3rd overall champion. The delegates from UNAIR donated 10 gold medals, 4 silver medals and 2 bronze medals. Not only Abdul Aziz, FPK student of the S-1 Aquaculture Study Program named Tirta Agung in 2016 also contributed medals. “Through this tournament, we certainly get experience about the rigors of the struggle to get maximum results by continuously developing their potential to always be confident, that everyone has their own way,” Aziz said. In the martial world Aziz aspires to be a person who influences the field of martial arts and becomes a person who has a scenario of good life, for the results to be the result that Allah will govern. Hopefully this tradition of achievement, continues to contribute medals given by Pencak Silat from Airlangga University specifically students from the Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs.

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