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UNAIR NEWS – “In the era of disruption, leaders are the captains, who command the ships hit by waves, hit by very strong winds. From any directions, they could not see anything and the shocks were also very extraordinary, “said Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA.

Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) held an Expert Discussion on “Challenges and Demands of Regional Head Candidates in the Disruption Era” in Amerta Hall of Management Office Campus C UNAIR. On that occasion, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA had the opportunity to give messages to prospective regional leaders.

Prof. Nasih revealed that future leaders must have humility. To read the phenomena happening in the community, strong humility is needed.

“We certainly do not want to have arrogant leaders, and because of their arrogance they cannot carry out their mandate properly,” he said.

In his opinion East Java and or all local governments need leaders who are not only strong in one field, but also in all fields. A leader must have at least three main strengths, the power of faith, immunity, and imron (the power to restrain desire).

“This is what I think we all need, so leaders can steer and lead their ships towards the right targets,” he added.

Prof. Nasih said that a leader must have four Great Leadership traits. He or she should have is humble, adaptable, visionary, and engaging (involving all parties).

“Adaptive, which means following environmental changes, is an important key for a leader to successfully lead in their respective regions,” he stated.

Prof. Nasih expected the candidates to make Pancasila as an indicator of development success. In the world there are Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and these SDGs can then be adjusted to the locality, development goals based on Pancasila.

“The foundation is Pancasila, the base is Pancasila, the pillar is Pancasila, the orientation and purpose are also framed in the values that exist in Pancasila. So the one unity of Pancasila becomes very intact, “he said.

Prof. Nasih advised that a leader must have three essential behaviors, hyperawareness (high concern), information-based decision making, and fast execution.

Furthermore, Prof. Nasih said there are three important things that must be considered so that the community can get the desired leader. It is an opportunity for all, fair competition and no money politics.

“Money politics can damage everything and must be stopped immediately,” he added.

Development can be done as well as possible if we can find the best individuals in this country. UNAIR HEBAT will produce graduates who are HEBAT (Humble, Excellent, Agile, Brave, and Transcendent).

“With HEBAT traits and led by great people, East Java will become even more advanced in the future,” he concluded.


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