“ACAR” (AQUASCAPE CARE) As a Means of Increasing Creativity and Communication for Children with Special Needs At SMPBL Negeri Banyuwangi

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“ACAR” (AQUASCAPE CARE) As a Means of Increasing Creativity and Communication for Children with Special Needs At SMPBL Negeri Banyuwangi

The implementation of Student Creativity Program activities in community service (PKM-M) by Banyuwangi PSDKU students is done at SMPLB Negeri Banyuwangi starting from March 16, 2017. This activity is held every Saturday. The method of devotion used is using aquascape as a teaching medium. It is often found that children with special needs (ABK) have traits that tend to be individualized and communication is constrained. “With Aquascape Care program is expected to improve communication among students and also improve their creativity” said Alvin Avia Aprilliana one of PKM-M Participant students funded by Kemenristek DIKTI. Students at SMPLB Negeri Banyuwangi consist of blind, deaf, disabled and gray.

Some work programs that have been implemented, first is the socialization as well as learning cutting and glazing using the tools and materials we have provided. We use video as a medium, so that children are easy to understand the material being submitted. The next activity is the formation of groups and each group makes the aquarium by accompanied by one student each group. The results of the children’s creativity are then plastered with their names and stored for future activities.

In the third week, the activity is drawing creativity. Earlier the children were shown a video about the aquascape picture so they could imagine. The purpose of this activity is to know the creativity of each student. The images from their imaginations are amazing. Some even took the initiative to bring their own color pencils. We accompany them while trying to approach them and communicate well. They are also increasingly impatient to make aquascape. There are some of the children actively ask what fish are in Indonesia with its characteristics. They also told us how the aquarium he owned at home.

The fourth week, the activity applied is the making of aquasape. Tools and materials used among others; Carpet seet, poor sand, various accessories (such as wood, stone, etc.), filter, fertilizer, 5/8 watt lamp. Prior to creating aquascape, children were briefed through the featured video and also the pocket book they had been given. Furthermore they are accompanied to make aquascape. They are very active and enthusiastic in making aquascape. After the children have finished decorating, then giving water and then put the ornamental fish that have been prepared. Then the installation of filters and lights to add to the beauty of the aquascape. The results of their aquascape are then stored and we will monitor the next day.

Every activity that has been done, we always provide both pre test and post test as an indicator of the success of our activities. The next program will be held the formation of cadres, the procurement of exhibitions for students of SMPB Negeri Banyuwangi in collaboration with the Department of Tourism and Government of Banyuwangi Regency. “In addition, we also aim to publish our PKM-M in RADAR BANYUWANGI newspaper and publication on Radio Mandala Banyuwangi” said M.Reynaldy Thoriq Al Islam as chairman of PKM-M

Author: Alvin Avia Aprilliana

Editor: Annur Ahadi Abdillah