Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan Universitas Airlangga


ASIIN Accreditation Preparation The Aquaculture Study Program lasts more than a year to visitation by ASIIN Assessors on 5-6 March 2018. In addition to the Aquaculture Study Program, two Study Programs that are jointly visited are Animal Medicine Study Program and Dentistry Study Program. Compared to the two study programs, the age of the Aquaculture Study Program was the youngest. However, the ASIIN Aquaculture Study Program Team continues to try to provide the best results. The ASIIN Assessors Team is chaired by Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meinhardt, Universität Münster, Facbereich Biologie with members: Prof. Dr. Thomas Göbel, Tierärztliche Fakultät LMU München, Dr. Habil Sonja Kleinertz, Bogor Agricultural University, Java, Indonesia, Ms Witiya Almada – Student Representative and Christin Habermann who represented ASIIN.

The first day’s ASIIN visitation activity was opened by the Rector of Airlangga University followed by a meeting. The first session was with University leaders, Faculty Leaders, Aquaculture Study Program Coordinator and Faculty Quality Assurance Team. Questions posed by ASIIN assessors are related to the financial conditions of the Study Program, University policies for Lecturer recruitment, short term staff development plans, and quality assurance. The second session was a meeting with the Coordinator of Aquaculture Study Programs, Faculty Leaders, and the Faculty Quality Assurance Team. Questions in the second session related to the curriculum, academic guidance, suitability of the title with the name of the Study Program, opportunity to repeat for students who get a D grade. Third session, meeting with 15 students representing students of Aquaculture Study Program, first year, second year, third year, and fourth year.

The second day was ASIIN’s visitation, a meeting with the lecturer of Aquaculture Study Program which was represented by two Professors, nine Senior Lecturers, eight Junior Lecturers. Next meeting with stakeholders and alumni. Stakeholders invited by the Faculty to attend a meeting with ASSIN assessors from the Brackish Aquaculture Fisheries Center Situbondo, Banyuwangi Fisheries Education and Training Center, Karawang Aquaculture Production Business Service Center, Jepara Brackishwater Aquaculture Center, Gondol Center for Marine and Fisheries Research, PT Surya Windu Kartika Banyuwangi, PT Centra Protein Prima Jakarta, PT Nagrofa Aqua Kultura Madura, and PT Matahari Sakti Surabaya. Alumni invited to represent the profile of graduates as Lecturers, Managers, Researchers, and Entrepreneurs.

The visit to the laboratory of each study program was carried out after the second day’s lunch break. The laboratories visited were the Laboratory of Myrobiology and Fish Disease, Laboratory of Fish Anatomy and Cultivation, Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory and Food Laboratory. The ASIIN Assesor Team also visited Akuaponik and the Faculty fish pond. During the visit, Dr. Habil Sonja Kleinertz looks enthusiastic to see fish ponds and aquaponics. During a visit to the Microbiology and Fish Disease Laboratory, a Fish Pathology practicum was underway. On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Meinhardt discussed with Fish Pathology Lecturer, Dr. Laksmi Sulmartiwi, S.Pi., MP. When visiting the Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory, a Biotechnology Fisheries Product practicum is also underway. Dr. Habil Sonja Kleinertz was very enthusiastic to hear the explanation from the Faculty Dean about proximate analysis in the Chemistry and Analysis Laboratory.

Final meeting with University leaders, Faculty leaders, Coordinator of Aquaculture, Veterinary and Dentistry Study Programs and ASIIN Teams of each Study Program. On this occasion, Dr. Habil Sonja Kleinertz provided a summary of the results of a two-day meeting with Faculty leaders, lecturers, students, stakeholders, and alumni. Some good impressions delivered by Dr. Habil Sonja Kleinertz, among others: relations between students and lecturers, lecturers as academic advisers, guest lectures by both practitioners and lecturers from abroad, industrial collaboration and faculties and industrial satisfaction as graduates, lecturers have sufficient time to research. The final decision as a result of ASIIN accreditation will be announced in the second week of July. The commitment of the Faculty leadership to follow up on the recommendations submitted by the ASIIN Assessors Team is very high in order to support the internationalization of the Study Program.


Author: Wahju Tjahjaningsih (Department of Marine)