Asiin International Accreditation Workshop, Aquaculture Study Program Preparation Facing Asiin Visitation in 2019

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Asiin International Accreditation Workshop, Aquaculture Study Program Preparation Facing Asiin Visitation in 2019


The Aquaculture Study Program is preparing to face the ASIIN visitation in 2019, holding a two-day Workshop at Mercure Hotel, Surabaya facilitated by the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (FPK). The output that will be generated from these activities is a description of the achievement of the Learning Outcome of Aquaculture Study Program.

The ASIIN International Accreditation Workshop was opened by the FPK Dean, then continued with an explanation from the Resource person from the Airlangga University Quality Assurance Agency (BPM), Dr. Helmy Yusuf, Apt., M.Sc., Ph.D and Dr. Purkan, M.Sc., from the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) Airlangga University. The workshop was attended by all lecturers including Lecturers of Banyuwangi PSDKU Aquaculture Study Program.

Why does ASIIN Accreditation need to be done? A question that meets the minds of every Faculty Lecturer. According to Dr. Helmy in his presentation: “There is a diversity of quality, both study programs and institutions, where international public knowledge about quality is still lacking, the diversity of development of quality assurance and many countries are challenging the increasing number of private higher education sectors and the phenomenon of trans-national education”.

Dr. Helmy also said about the procedure for international accreditation, especially ASIIN’s international accreditation assessors’ discussions with professors, academic staff, students, alumni, stakeholders as graduates. ASIIN’s international accreditation assessor also reviews the final semester exams, final semester exams including Thesis. The assessor also visits the laboratory, and the Faculty library. Regarding ASIIN’s international accreditation preparation, a laboratory audit was conducted by an auditor from PT DeCRA Group Indonesia and the results were followed up by the Faculty Leader. Dr. Purkan from FST also conveyed the same thing and gave an example of the ASIIN standard in the learning process and the function and role of K3 in Chemistry Study Program, so that the Lecturers of Aquaculture Study Program had an overview of ASIIN accreditation visitations.

On that occasion, the KPS of the Aquaculture Study Program gave input from Mr. Rainer Thomas (German Senior Experten Service) when he was an inbound staff at FPK for three weeks related to the results of the learning process, infrastructure, Field Work Practices, and Thesis. Mr. Thomas’s clear and detailed input became feedback for the Faculty Leaders to improve the quality of the Aquaculture Study Program. The next presentation was delivered by the Fisheries Product Technology Technology Study Program (THP) related to THP Study Program accreditation preparation.

After the presentation of the Resource and KPS, the workshop was divided into two groups. One group consisting of Lecturers from the THP Study Program completed the Study Program and Self Evaluation Accreditation Forms as the required documents for THP Study Program Accreditation submission. The discussion discussed the accreditation document guided by the THP Study Program KPS, Dr. Juni Triastuti. The next group consisted of Lecturers of Aquaculture Study Program completed the description of the achievements of the Study Outcome (LO) Study Program. There are 14 LOs that must be described to provide an overview and confidence for Aquaculture Study Program students when they have the ability according to the cumulative grade index obtained. In addition, the description of the achievement of the LO can provide stakeholder trust as a user of graduates towards the abilities possessed by graduates of the Aquaculture Study Program. The discussion discussed the description of LO’s achievements guided by Dr. A. Shofy Mubarak and Dr. Akhmad Taufiq Mukti.



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