Faculty of Marine & Fisheries, Airlangga University

The Student Executive Board is an agency that carries out executive functions within the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine, Airlangga University. The goal is the establishment of fisheries-based academics people based on Pancasila and guided by the Tri Dharma of the College and Excellent with Morallity. The Student Executive Board of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University was established on February 20, 2009. The Student Executive Board has a role:

  1. Organizations that fight for the aspirations of students who are within the scope of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University.
  2. Organization that accommodates all student activities that are within the scope of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University.
  3. Organizations that have the role of cadre students in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University.

President : Akbar Maulana Al Ishaqi  
Vice President : Rizaldi Ruswandi  
General Secretary : Nur Fitria Firmaningrum  
Secretary 1 : Firdha Farrah Pramesti  
Secretary 2 : Ghishella Ayu Rahmawati  
General Treasurer : Dzakiyyah Dzikra Afifah  
Treasurer : Cindi Koes Farizky  
Ormawa Work Meeting Work meetings are meetings of the organization’s management and the faculty academic community to discuss matters related with the implementation of organizational tasks. Distribute the ideas of ORMAWA management and synergize with all the academic community in designing the 2019 FPK UNAIR ORMAWA work program.
Monitoring dan Evaluation Activities carried out to observe and evaluate either work program or performance of BEM members. Remind all administrators of performance for a certain period of time and evaluate performance and the work program of the BEM management.
Inventory Procurement Procurement of goods that can support performance and facilitate activities during management. To improve performance in carrying out tasks.
Proposal and LPJ Classes Work program designed to revise each proposals and LPJ related to administration activity or activity fund. Uniformize the format and correct errors on the activity content of the proposal and LPJ simultaneously.
Work Visit Work program based on the needs of BEM FPK to get information about the organization at other universities to be able to function with more optimal. 1) Measure the extent of work programs and structures the BEM FPK organization has developed.
    2) Sharing information about BEM.
    3) Establish a sustainable cooperative relationship in activity participation and information exchange.
Airlangga Maritime Week A series of activities to hold activities maritime like scientific writing competition level high school students and students, field trips and activities mangrove social planting to enliven this event. 1) Improve ability and capture potential academic students and students.
    2) Branding media of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine UNAIR.

Head of Department: Muhammad Fadhil Ilham Almadani  
Staff : Fachrul Alfiyudin  
  Aldi Dwi Mardiawan   
  Dewi Rengganis  
  Qorina Shinta Berliana  
  Rafly Athallah Permana  
PKKMB (Pengenalan  This program is specifically give to new students in order to know and understand the campus environment as an academic environment. Adding insight new students in the use of facilities and infrastructure academics available on campus and understand mechanism that applies indeed. 1) Introducing Airlangga University in general and fostering pride in being students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University.
Kehidupan Kampus Mahasiswa Baru) / Introduction to New Student Campus Life   2) Fostering mutual respect, care, courtesy and courtesy towards the entire academic community, by making all new students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University who have a sense of togetherness.
    3) Growing identity and soft skills to make students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University who have a sense of togetherness, responsibility, critical, active, innovative, visionary and disciplined.
    4) Students of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of Airlangga University are active in terms of leadership, social and environmental care and to be a proud students.
Internship, Come on! Is a work program provided by PSDM information about internships and inviting FPK students for work internships. To provide information and facilitate FPK students in finding internships place.
FishTime Is an arena of creativity in honing knowledge and soft skills in the field of fisheries and marine. To increase love for fisheries and maritime and a sense of family.
FLASH (Fisheries Leadership Training) Is a leadership development program and soft skills new students. Focus on management material organization, conflict management, confidence, and student social sensitivity. 1) Increase the sense of leadership for new students.
    2) To get soft skills and to strengthen the attitude of commitment and integrity in contributing.
    3) Increase the sense of socialism and sensitivity to contribute in organization.
    4) Prepare students who have a comprehensive perspective and broad insight.
BEM Time Agenda with all members of BEM FPK 2019 to build a sense of kinship and harmony in the Sangkara Cabinet. To familiarize all members of the Sangkara Cabinet BEM FPK 2019.
Upgrading BEM Upgrading is an effort to improve performance management of the BEM FPK during their consistency management. 1) Providing knowledge about the history of FPK and BEM FPK.
    2) Providing insights about organizational management and improving the soft skills of the BEM FPK management.
    3) Evaluating the performance of the BEM FPK management.
    4) Giving appreciation to the management of BEM FPK who achievers.
Sharing Book Agenda in terms of increasing interest in reading books all members of the BEM FPK 2019. To increase reading interest all members of BEM FPK 2019.
BEM Gathering Programs that are conducted regularly once a year for bring together the BEM FPK alumni with the management previous cabinet BEM FPK as a means of friendship to alumni and information exchange. 1) Improving relations between forces, especially senior management of the BEM FPK.
    2) Exchange information about the dynamics of the BEM FPK.
Sangkara’s Diary Complaints book members of the BEM FPK 2019. 1) As an evaluation for management of the BEM FPK 2019.
    2) Means of delivering the aspirations management of the BEM FPK 2019.
E-Birth Giving birthdays in the form of e-birth through social media. Increase awareness among BEM members.

Head of Department: Maria Goretti Christanti Puspita Dewi  
Staff : A Insan Kamil Fajar Tsani  
  Moch Masruri Ircham  
  Farizka Vinka Trinendyah  
  Alifa Hafiizha Gunawan  
  Fadlan Maulana Syaban  
  Mochamad Alauddin Perdana Putra  
Fish cup futsal competition for highschool to introduce faculty of fisheries and marine airlangga university to highschool students.
Dekan Cup futsal competition for faculty’s civitas to strengthen bonds between faculty’s civitas of fisheries and marine
Students extracurricular units (UKM) internship introduction phase of extracurricular units for freshman students to spend students talents and interests in students extracurricular units
Students extracurricular units routine exercise weekly excercise routine for students extracurricular units member to train students skill in non-academic matters
Participation funds funds that used by students extracurricular units for joining competition to help registration fee for competitions
Students extracurricular units training an activity to visit and gain achievement to strengthen bonds between students extracurricular units in another faculty
Batik thursday! (Mistik) an event for all students to wear Batik every thursday to make students proud for Indonesian true heritage
Student Day a refreshing event after the final exam of the semester to entertain students and refreshing after exam and strengthen the bonds between students
Faculty ambassador an event to choose the next faculty ambassador to explore students talents, interest, and skills
Aquascape an activity with the essence of art, to decorate and maintain an aquarium esthetically to make students gain more knowledge about aquarium
Catfish growth in fish cage an activity to learn about catfish growth in floating fish cage to implement aquaculture knowledge from daily learning.
Natural feed cultivation a place for students and kakema’s member to learn about natural feed to provide students for learning natural feed
Aquascape and fish culture training provide information for students about how to do a fish culture properly and introducing aquascape to introduce fish culture technic and aquascape
Islamic lecture training a training for once in a moment by Islamic Activity Unit (SKI) to make students understand Islamic lecture, and be the next lecturer for Islamic activity. to supply students basic knowledge about comprehensively, and to train hardskill plus softskill to Islamic lecture.
SIRIP (Islamic religious inspirational event) a series of event that become the final event from Islamic Activity Unit, Harmony Cabinet. to provide a place for students to obtain broad knowledge about Islam, and a place where students improve their skills in Islamic activites
Karamba (Ramadhan Study) Ramadhan Study to increase Islamic knowledge and insight for students, especially Ramahdan
KRS (Wednesday Afternoon Study) a routine study activity to build Islamic concept for faculty’s student to do a study a bout aqidah and issue nowadays.

Department of Social Community
Head of Department: Abdurrahman Yusuf Ibrahim  
Staff : Alifa Amalia Izzati  
  Maria Nurul Islami  
  Alifah Narulita Putri Harnowo  
  Raden Rahardyan Prasetyo  
  Syifaul Qolbi Ekhiasan  
  Muhammad Syahrian  
  Aulia Nabilah Firdaus  
SALMON (Social and Learning Activity with Morality for Nation) A program and a real form of activity based on the role of students, especially the Tri Dharma tertiary institution, namely community service. In this activity, students will dive into the lives of people in remote and isolated areas in East Java. In this activity once a month students go to the village to show friendship and to adapt more. Furthermore, after the final exam will be held the summit of Salmon for one week in the same village. To carry out the Tri Dharma of higher education related to community service and to share with communities in remote areas to create community progress in Indonesia
GEMAR IKAN An extension program to increase consumption of fish meal in the community especially for children To socialize the movement of eating fish from an early age
WARING (Iwak Sharing) Social activities for our brothers and sisters with special needs to help them by channeling donations between the FPK community with our brothers Can help them a little by giving moral and material encouragement and encouraging the FPK community to care more for others
FPK Goes To School Activities that introduce fisheries and marine faculties both in achievement, academics, and on campus activities High school equivalent students are better acquainted with the faculty of fisheries and marine airlangga university and are also expected to be FPK as a place of reference for lectures
FISH (Fisheries In Sharing Health) A blood donation activity carried out twice a year at the faculty of fisheries and marine life in collaboration with PMI of Surabaya city so that we can share life opportunities for others and at the same time as health controls for ourselves To foster a sense of humanity and inflame the soul and spirit of help other
GEMA (Gerakan Menanam Mangrove) Beach cleaning activities in the mangrove forest that will be carried out at the end of the management attended by FPK students and MUJAIR friends. This activity is the end of MUJAIR activities To reduce or prevent flooding abrasions in mangrove forests, increase the insight and knowledge of FPK students regarding mangrove forests, foster an attitude of caring for the environment, and strengthen a sense of togetherness
MUJAIR (Muda Mengajar) Teaching activities in remote and slum areas around Surabaya that lack education, are held once a week to increase the learning spirit of children in the area Our aim is to conduct social activities as teachers of lessfortunate children, especially street children, to share the knowledge that we already have, to introduce the world of fisheries to the wider community, to develop soft skills and to grow the social spirit of FPK students
FPK Go Green A work program where reforestation activities were carried out in the FPK area by FPK UNAIR students To increase the love of nature within FPK students and make the FPK environment more comfortable and beautiful
SAFARI (Sedekah Fajar Dini Hari) The activity of distributing food that can be in the form of packaged rice or bread to workers who start their work early in the morning Increasing awareness among the FPK academics with the community and accommodating students to giving alms
FPK Peduli Caring activities for students or academics who are experiencing disaster or sad news, this activity takes the form of withdrawal of voluntary donations Increasing awareness among fellow students or academics and strengthening the family sense of FPK
LPP (Layanan Pertolongan Pertama) Activities for providing light medicines for first aid Serving FPK students who need mild medicines and prevent delays in first aid

Information and Communication Department
Head of Department: Arfian Dewananda
Staff : Suryaning Trinita Setyawan

Mahfudz Dzotul Hasanah

Azrilhanif Revrani Mahir

Fatan Afta Ghana

Raden Sayidina Pinter Pitutur

Zulfan Ibrahimi
Hubungan Luar Outside relations is a work program that is engaged in the coordination of BEM between faculties in Airlangga University, as well as coordination outside Airlangga University Became the contact person of BEM FPK UNAIR especially in the field of publication for FPK branding through the BEM FPK Work Program
Fish Flash News Fish Flash News is the FPK UNAIR PRESS community. Facilitating student interest in the field of journalism and information media at FPK UNAIR Facilitate the distribution of information in the form of news to FPK UNAIR. A forum for channeling the aspirations of FPK students
Class of Media Class of Media is one of the work programs that facilitates FPK UNAIR students in developing soft skills ranging from photography, cinematography to graphic design Developing student soft skills, especially in the multimedia field and developing the creativity of FPK UNAIR students
Multimedia Multimedia is one of the agendas in design photography, videography, and applying it in the form of information about the academic community of FPK students and outside the FPK Submit information about the work program of BEM FPK UNAIR in the form of design, photography and videography
Sosial Media Social Media is a means of communication and information media of the BEM FPK UNAIR to provide important information related to information about FPK to students Alternative communication media for students and disseminating information related to lecture activities
Warung Informasi Warung Informasi is a content in the publication media of BEM FPK UNAIR that provides information on scholarships, non-academic events, and academics based on FPK UNAIR graduate profile Inform the latest events of scholarships, non-academic events, and academics
Website BEM The BEM website is one of the platforms in the form of pages of information about BEM and FPK those are placed on a server or hosting on an internet network so that it can be accessed by everyone connected to the internet network Inform the latest news on BEM and FPK, publish work programs for each department and BEM FPK, and inform matters relating to student affairs

Head of Department: Salma Nada Fauziyah  
Staff : Fajar Taufan Firmansyah  
  Yoga Pramujisunu  
  Megana Duanassurya  
  Akmal Yusuf Haryadi  
  Muhammad Thoriqul Haq  
SIDAT (Some Info From Kastrat) A program to use social media to provide information about the latest fisheries and global issues for students in infographic style As a media to provide information about global issues with valid data
KARPER (Fisheries students study) A program where students interact with the others to discuss solution about fisheries or global issue To improve students knowledge and the way they thinking about fisheries and global issues.
Literasi A program to provide students for increasing literation interest, packed with disuccsion forum and literation tools. 1)    To increase students awareness about the importane of literation
    2)    To provide a place of literation for students, packed with library called “reading corner”
FPK My DARLING (Surroundings Awareness) A long term program initiated by KASTRAT, as a follow-up from study, mainly focus for students movement To increase students awareness about their surroundings
BELANAK (Fisheries Students Film Discussion) A program for students to interprete a film, packed with discussion 1)    To increase public speaking skill
    2)    To increase understanding about film with different point of view
ANISAKIS (Fisheries Students Action) A program as a follow-up from study, mainly focus for students movement as a result from discussion To make students more aware and caring about their surroundings.

Head of Department: Mochammad Diedin Arief  
Staff : Syarif Nashrullah  
  Rahmitha Mutiara Zahirah  
  Velia Novita Sari  
  Alanosi Noor Muhammad  
  Sonia Aldilameta  
Sarung tenun (coffee time) Work program that contains activities to exchange aspirations In relaxed and open discussions form. Facilitating advocacy for fpk unair student’s advocacy in complaints bitterness in campus discussions to use achievement of the welfare of fpk unair students
Insang (info beasiswa dan exchange) Work program that contains information on scholarships and Exchange for fpk unair students. Students know scholarship and exchange information In fpk unair distribution
Forkom (forum komunikasi) Programs designed to share suggestions, aspirations, Criticism, and delivery of important information. Helping coordination between student elements
Suara mahasiswa A program designed to capture aspirations Students in written form Facilitating fpk unair students to express their aspirations and advocacy
Dagri talk Work programs are designed to capture aspirations Students through digital platform. Facilitating students to convey aspirations without being known as sender.
Banding dan cicil ukt Work program that facilitates fpk students in the ukt problem. Duty to guard and provide Information about details and tips on appeals andUkt installments. Fpk unair students get information about the appeal and installments of the ukt.
Pankreas jilid 2 Medium of students to show their creativity In the form of poetry, pictures, poems, and other Providing a forum for creativity and appreciation for students

Head of Department: Intan Galih Kesuma  
Staff : Ristyananda Refian Hidayatullah  
  Ikmalia Amali  
  Flaurenindya Dara Alvitiara  
  Kamiliya Zahrah Taher  
  Muhammad Andy Oktatriansyah  
  Ainun Kurnia Izzata  
FILLET (Fisheries In Learning English Together) FISHING is a program that held for improving speaking skill of FPK students UNAIR to be more confident. Develop public communication skills, increase self-confidence and explore the potential that exists in each student.
LATERALIS (Elaborasi Keterampilan Menulis) Is a program of learning, discussion and applying together scientific authorship Introducing, guiding and facilitating FPK students in the field of scientific writing. And provide a source of information about the closest agenda.
Klinik PKM PKM Clinic is a place for Fisheries and Marine faculty students as a related PKM facility Providing PKM consultation facilities, debriefing for Students about the procedures for using PKM, and as Data center and PKM administration at FPK.
SELEKSI MAWAPRES Is an event for the selection of outstanding students in faculty Aims to select OUTSTANDING FPK UNAIR students who will participate AND invite To advance IN university or national level OUTSTANDING STUDENT .
Pelatihan HACCP/ISO22000/GMP One day HACCP / ISO 22000 / GMP training for FPK UNAIR students organized by PTProxist Group PROVIDE training related to HACCP / SO 22000 / GMP to FPK UNAIR students
School of PKMAWAPRES Is a socialization event about 5 Fields PKM and Information for new students 2019. Aim to provide information and knowledge details about PKM and Mawapres to NEW students 2019

Head of Department: Muhammad Irfan Haq Zidny Alfasya  
Staff : Dzakiyatul Afifah  
  Safira Andriani  
  Faiz Setyarizqi Muharram  
  Hernik Ismawati  
  Amanda Tesya Salsabilla  
  Ardhy Firmansyah  
FISHSHOP FISHOP is one of the work programs that are on the entrepreneurial division which is implemented with sell various stationery, food, and merchandise.
to develop the entrepreneurial spirit of BEM members especially members of the Entrepreneurship division
BAZAAR EVENT A deliberate trading activity with a period of several days. To sell and introduce current types of food, especially fisheries product innovations to the community or students.
FISHPRENEUR Fishpreneur is a development program FPK students in the field of entrepreneurship with provide a forum for FPK students who want start entrepreneurship. This program will be taken become an advanced program and maybe it will work formed an entrepreneurial community in FPK
1) To open insight into FPK students in Entrepreneurship.
    2) To invite FPK students to be interested in the world of entrepreneurship
SPONSORSHIP AND PARTNER Sponsorship is an activity to exchange information around sponsors, see any company list proposals to be submitted to support internal funds each activity. If there is a name the same company in two or more activities, then one proposal will be submitted. even though The partner is a partnership for do business where suppliers and customers intend with each other to achieve business goals with Sponsorship and Partners is a series of clothing work program organized by the BEM Faculty Fisheries and Marine Entrepreneurship Department year 2019. Sponsorship and Partner activities are intended for accommodate students who are members of the committee to exchange information about sponsors. In addition, students can find out about what only in partnership in entrepreneurship and can add relationships. From the results of these activities expected to be a consideration for everyone Students who will submit sponsor proposals and can establish cooperation with partner companies.
CONVEXTION The convection work program is a work program happy at making apparel (PDH, Jaslab, Jackets, etc.) by feeling the university’s fisheries and marine faculty airlangga.
Aim to benefit from making clothing for the internal financial inclusion of BEM and increase the love of the alma mater

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