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Blobfish: The Ugliest Fish In The World

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Blobfish: The Ugliest Fish In The World


Blobfish are fish from the Psychrolutidae family that live in the deep sea between 600-1,200 meters. Blobfish have a soft and slippery body with little muscle. Blobfish are commonly called the ugliest fish in the world because when they are lifted to the surface, their bodies expand and their skin loosens. In the depths of the ocean, blobfish are like fish in general with a round head, black eyes and hairy gills. This fish has a pointed tail like a tadpole with a grayish red body. The blobfish’s body can change when it is lifted to the surface due to decompression. This causes the gelatinous tissue to no longer support the blobfish’s body so that its shape will change.

Blobfish are deep sea fish and like other deep sea fish, this species does not have a swim bladder which helps in floating in the water. Blobfish in the depths of the ocean use very little of their energy to move. This is one strategy to survive because the body of this species is composed of fat. With their slow movements, the blobfish eats any food carried by currents such as crustaceans. The blobfish’s habitat is around the seas of Australia and New Zealand at a depth of 500 meters. Blobfish is one of the endangered fish species. One of the factors causing the extinction of this species is human behavior, where blobfish are often entangled in human trawl nets and then die. Blobfish is not one of the popular fish for consumption because of its unattractive shape.


Source : Accessed on 03/08/2021 Accessed on 03/08/2021


Author: Putri Arisandi (Aquaculture, 2019)

Editor: Desi Rahmadhani (Aquaculture, 2020)