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Cak Kevin Cak Persahabatan” from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs

Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan Universitas Airlangga

Cak Kevin Cak Persahabatan” from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs


The selection of Tourism Ambassadors in order to welcome the 724th anniversary of the City of Surabaya 2017 was special. Fariz Kevin Harlens, a student of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (FPK) Universitas Airlangga officially received a call from Cak Kevin. Cak Kevin was included in the 30 Finalists out of 460 registrants who had the opportunity to take part in Quarantine activities towards the Grand Final of the Selection of Cak and Ning Surabaya 2017. At the Grand Final of Friday, May 12, 2017, Cak Kevin received an award as Cak Friendship in the selection of the tourism ambassador. Friendship in 2017 because it is considered the most vocal and can unite the 2017 class,” said the student who is known to be friendly on campus.

(Cak and Ning Friendship in 2017)

During the seven-day quarantine, participants were provided with various materials and talent shows. The talent show was attended by the parents of finalists Cak and Ning Surabaya 2017. During the quarantine, the finalists were also prepared to face the Grand Final by doing choreo exercises. In selecting the candidates for Cak and Ning Surabaya, the finalists are required to have 3C criteria, namely: Creative, Communicative, Charming. During quarantine, Cak Kevin was trained to understand his strengths and weaknesses, gain new knowledge that was never taught before and get a family that complements each other. Furthermore, for the next one year Cak Kevin will join the Paguyupan and perform his duties as 3G, namely: Guide, Guest, Guardian of Surabaya. During his service to the city of Surabaya, Cak Kevin was motivated to contribute more to Surabaya through tourism ambassadors Cak and Ning Surabaya.

Even more proud, Cak Kevin is not alone, two FPK students Cak Ragil and Cak Al-Fath are also members of the Cak and Ning Surabaya association, following the two previous seniors Ning Audy Cak Ning Surabaya in 2015 and Ning Ninda Cak Ning Surabaya 2009.

“Nduk Jambangan Tuku Micin,

Nyusul Peno nduk Wonokromo,

Iki Parikan Teko Cak Kevin,

Tak Untapno Nedho Nrimo”

(Javanesse poetry from Cak Kevin)

Author : Annur Ahadi Abdillah

Editor  : Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti