Karakter koloni karang jenis Acropora hyacinthus

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Karakter koloni karang jenis Acropora hyacinthus


The character of the Acropora hyacinthus colony is that it has a tabulated growth form (shaped like a table) and is sometimes overlapping. It has very small branches with axial corallites at the ends. When viewed from above, the radial corallites around the axial corallites are shaped like a rosebud. This is what characterizes A. hyacinthus when in nature. Many are found at depths of less than 5 m (Irawansyah, et al., 2019).

The character of Acropora hyacinthus is a table-shaped colony with a width that can reach 4 meters. Vertical branches are relatively small with small axials but can still be distinguished from bowl-shaped radial corallites, and Acropora hyacinthus has a dark brown or gray color. Distribution can generally be found in Indonesia and usually grows in the tuber area often dominating a particular location, especially in clear waters with relatively small waves (Rohman, 2014).

The tuber reef slope zone is a reef zone in the form of a steep slope connecting it to the sandy seabed. This area has the highest slope (Sigarlaki, et al., 2021).


Writer: Nabila Dyah Ningrum


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