Search for stress-reducing ingredients for applications in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture.

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The stress response to fish physiology has been studied in various important aspects in the field of cultivation. Anesthesia, density, handling, containment, handling, temperature, transportation, electroshok and decreasing water in maintenance tanks are stimuli that can increase cortisol, as a primary stress response. In the fisheries sector, the use of chemicals in fish that are transported aims to relieve stress. These chemicals are known to cause residues in organisms. Natural ingredients such as clove oil are generally known to reduce stress. Clove oil in the fisheries sector is an anesthetic material during handling and transportation activities. Exploration of natural materials derived from the essential oils of Ageratum conyzoides leaf bandotan as an alternative material to reduce stress during koi fish transportation.

Testing the biological activity of the essential oils of Ageratum conyzoides leaves as stress-lowering materials during transportation at different concentrations of the koi fish responses through observation of the operculum lid, blood glucose levels, cortisol levels, Na + and Cl-levels in fish blood plasma compared to clove oil which is commonly used in fisheries.


Dr. Laksmi Sulmartiwi, S.Pi., MP.

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