Service Profile


The Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Airlangga University is one part of the state-owned legal entity (PTN-BH) of Airlangga University. Real actions in realizing PTN-BH status are by revitalizing and efficiency of university support units, including the laboratories in the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (FPKUNAIR). FPK-UNAIR Laboratory consists of three main laboratories, namely Microbiology and Fish Health laboratories, Wet Laboratories, and Chemical Laboratories. Although the competence of the laboratory has been known to have contributed in terms of research and sample analysis in general, it still needs to be improved in its management so that it can improve the performance of the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs, in accordance with FPK’s vision and mission to get national and global recognition.

Formally, a service unit has been established to provide a better commitment and to improve the role and function of the laboratory towards a more strategic, integrated, collaborative, and contributory based on fisheries and marine science. Such service units are more focused on training, analysis
samples, and research in accordance with the field of science.

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