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The Educational Fish Pond

Welcome to the Educational Fish Pond Facility at the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences, Universitas Airlangga!

Greetings from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences at Universitas Airlangga, a premier center for education and research in the field of fisheries and marine sciences. One of our main facilities that offers a unique and immersive learning experience is the “Educational Fish Pond.” In this pond, we combine education, research, and sustainability in one inspiring location.

Why Our Educational Fish Pond Facility Stands Out:

Real Learning in a Real Environment: Our educational fish pond facility provides students with the opportunity to learn directly from the actual marine and fisheries environment. Within this pond, they can study various fish species, their life cycles, and ecosystem interactions.

Innovative Research: Our educational fish pond is also used for research aimed at enhancing our understanding of various aspects of fisheries and marine science. Students and researchers collaborate on projects leading to innovation and new discoveries in the field.

Sustainable Education: In addition to supporting formal education curricula, our educational fish pond facility hosts workshops, seminars, and training sessions for students, fish farmers, and the general public. This helps disseminate the latest knowledge and skills to various groups, supporting the sustainability of the fisheries sector.

Conservation and Preservation: Our educational fish pond facility also contributes to conservation efforts and the preservation of important fish species. We work with various stakeholders to develop sustainable conservation strategies and maintain aquatic biodiversity.

Activities and Programs at the Educational Fish Pond:

Student Education: Our students engage in activities such as pond maintenance, fish behavior observation, and water quality analysis. This provides them with practical and in-depth insights into fisheries science.

Multidisciplinary Research: Researchers from various fields collaborate on multidisciplinary research projects that combine biology, environmental science, and technology to understand and address challenges in the fisheries and marine sector.

Community Training: We offer training sessions for local fish farmers, fishermen, and related community groups. These trainings cover sustainable fish farming techniques, pond management, and best practices.

Exhibitions and Public Education: Our educational fish pond facility often holds open exhibitions for the public. This provides an opportunity for the community to get a closer look at fish life and aquatic ecosystems and understand the importance of conservation.

We are committed to continuous innovation and making a positive contribution to the development of fisheries and marine science knowledge as well as the surrounding community. Let’s work together to preserve marine resources and expand knowledge for a sustainable future.