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UNAIR NEWS – Director of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) Prof. Dr. Jaya Suprana presented an award to Universitas Airlangga, for holding rector election online in Indonesia and even globally. The election was held in a plenary meeting Universitas Airlangga Board of Trustees (MWA) online amid COVID-19 pandemic.

The record holder’s certificate was presented at the inauguration ceremony of Universitas Airlangga Rector for 2020-2025 period on Tuesday, June 16, 2020 which are also streamed via zoom and youtube. In his remarks, Prof. Dr. Jaya Suprana said that he was proud of UNAIR, which had made a new record as the only higher education institution to conduct rector election online. He also congratulated UNAIR in hopes of creating more records in the future.

“UNAIR is a higher education institution that often creates superlative records recorded at MURI. Pandemic does not seem to stop UNAIR’s enthusiasm to create an achievement in serving the nation and state. So we congratulate UNAIR and we are looking forward to other records in the future, “he said.

Meanwhile, in his remarks the Chairman of UNAIR Board of Trustees (MWA) Prof. Dr. H. Muhammad Hatta Ali, S.H., M.H. congratulates Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE., MT., Ak., CMA who was chosen by acclamation in the rector election process that has been conducted since last January.

“It means that for the second time, Prof. Nasih was elected as UNAIR Rector through acclamation,” he said.

He also expressed his gratitude and joy because UNAIR has created history, the rector appointment of state university legal entity (PTNBH) as a result of an open selection process, participatory and respecting noble values of nation’s culture. He also said that the election processes, from the selection phase to the election, the Board of Trustees showed organizational maturity within UNAIR.

“It does not only show the autonomous and accountable process but also the use of a consensus mechanism by the Board of Trustees in choosing rector who will lead for the next 5 years,” he said.

With the capacity of Prof. Nasih, he continued, UNAIR is expected to be even more advanced as a respected university and recognized by the world while upholding Excellence with Morality.

Prof. Nasih also expressed his gratitude to all parties who have supported UNAIR. He revealed that MURI record award was a historical moment that had never been done before. For three periods UNAIR agreed to reach consensus, so in the three consecutive years, the rector candidates felt no one excluded and contradicted.

“For three periods we have made it a habit to hold consensus agreement so that our togetherness can be maintained. Three years in a row no one felt excluded and contradicted. The consensus agreement is certainly very good to be emulated to avoid political problems and this is a notion that should be followed, “he concluded.

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