Two lecturers from FPK Unair studied NGS in South Korea

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Two lecturers from FPK Unair studied NGS in South Korea

News FPK (1/11/17) – Surimi is one of the processed products of semi-finished fish made from fish meat lumatan. Surimi if in the process will further be a product of fishery products such as fish nuggets, fish meatballs, dumplings and other products. But in a processed fish-based products surimi, still not known clearly what fish and how many types of fish that became the main ingredient manufacture surimi. In the community circulating surimi products are claimed to be made from one type of fish, but in fact, sometimes processed products made by using fish processed from various types of fish. This is because certain types of fish are more expensive so that the manufacture of surimi made with various types of fish are relatively cheap.

Seeing the phenomenon of making the surimi, Annur Ahadi Abdillah, S.Pi., M.Si and Heru Pramono, S.Pi., M.Biotech studied to Pukyong National University, Busan South Korea. Two staff educators Faculty of Fisheries and Marine UNAIR is interested in scientifically proving what kind of fish that make surimi material. Fish that have become surimi difficult to be identified directly because it is merged with the constituent material, it takes a method of molecular identification derived from the DNA Fish. The DNA identification method used is a method of identification with Next-Generation Sequencing DNA. Where the advantages of Next Generation Sequencing is the latest and cheaper sequencing technology in sequencing genome than sanger sequencing.

The 16-day Short Course was conducted in the Marine of Biology department’s laboratory under the guidance of Prof Hyun-Woo Kim, PhD. Activities undertaken during Sort Course include Surimi sample preparation, DNA Extract, DNA PCR process, DNA Band Identification, and Surimi DNA Sampling to Macro Gen. The process of DNA sequencing using the NGS method is done by a sequncing service provider company that is already working with Macrogen Pukyong National University. The last activity in a series of short courses is the sequencing data processing exercise using bioinformation program. “From the processed data using Bioformasi we will later know what fish species we get” Sapto Andriono, S.Pi, MT said one of the mentors who is a PhD candidate from Pukyong National University.

Author: Annur Ahadi Abdilah

Editor: rozi