Visitation And Evaluation Of Fpk Student Work Practices In Boyolali And Characteristics Of Klaten

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Visitation And Evaluation Of Fpk Student Work Practices In Boyolali And Characteristics Of Klaten


Field Work Practice (PKL) is one of the requirements for UNAIR Faculty of Fisheries and Marine students to fulfill their course credits in the Aquaculture Bachelor (S1) curriculum program. The street vendor location can be chosen by each student and approved by the Supervising Lecturer based on the interests and desired objects. Tlatar Boyolali Fish Seed Center (BBI) and Freshwater Fish Cultivation and Cultivation Work Unit (PBIAT) in Janti Klaten, are two locations that are the location of PKL students. At the location of the Tlatar BBI street vendors there are five students, while in PBIAT Janti there are three students who carry out street vendors.

Tlatar Fish Seed Center is one of the Technical Implementation Units (UPT) of two UPTs owned by the Livestock and Fisheries Service of Boyolali Regency. The location of BBI Tlatar is in the Village of Kebonbimo, Boyolali District, which is a tourism area based on the Fisheries sector. Freshwater Seed Cultivation and Cultivation of Janti is one of the three Freshwater Fish Cultivation and Cultivation work units of the Central Java Marine and Fisheries Agency. PBIAT Satker Janti is in Janti Village, Polanharjo District, Klaten Regency.

The visit to the street vendor location above on February 13-15 2019 aims to ensure that the location is still possible as an PKL object the following year. The next objective is to evaluate students who have carried out street vendors at BBI Tlatar and PBIAT in Janti Klaten to improve the activities of the upcoming street vendors. Input from BBI Tlatar and PBIAT stakeholders Janti Klaten as a graduate of the Fisheries and Marine Faculty (FPK) is an important thing for the improvement of the learning process at FPK UNAIR.


Author: Rahayu Kusdarwati & Gunanti Mahasri
(Department of Fish Health and Aquaculture Management)
Editor: Wahju Tjahjaningsih