Yostheatra Putra Alam, best actor Renoviesta Teater Mata Angin

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Yostheatra Putra Alam, best actor Renoviesta Teater Mata Angin


Renoviesta is a place to show the results of hard work, regular practice and self-processing potential for new members of the Wind Eye Theater. Renoviesta is an event that is not only used to show achievements but also develop the existence of Wind Eye Theater in the community, especially the theater world. The organizing of the Renoviesta event took place at the Cak Durasim art building and watched by people of all ages. Initially the Renoviesta committee only targeted 300 people, but the results obtained so far exceeded the target and made the big family of Wind Eye Theater proud.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 becomes a special night for Yostheatra Prince Abdillah Putraalam, the article he became one of the actors who participated in the staging of Renoviesta. Yosthe not only showed an exciting performance on stage but he also received the award as Best Actor. Not only the Best Actor, the group where Yosthe came to perform, got the Best Artistic award. I played the jumena martawangsa figure where in the text “WELL WITHOUT BASIC” tells the story of the “clutter” of the minds of the martawangsa jumena said Yosthe. Jumena martawangsa itself has a selfish, stubborn, and unstable emotions.

(Yosthe wearing a brown outfit photographed with Tim)

Yosthe did not appear alone, his colleagues from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Affairs (FPK), UNAIR also participated in the performance of Leonardo AKH BP 2016 (class B), Rafi Adi S. BP 2016 (class B), solikin DL BP 2016 (class A) and Berliana P. BP 2016 (class C). Yosthe who is a FPK student majoring in Industrial Technology of Fishery Products class of 2016 (class b) for now has not had a famous theater figure who became an idol. But for someone who berteater I still idolize my father as an idol. “By joining the theater I want to explore my talents and look for a container to be as free as expressing and expelling what is inside me” Yosthe said as self-motivation.

Author: Annur Ahadi Abdillah

Editor: Dwi Yuli Pujiastuti