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Technology in the Field of Fisheries to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Fakultas Perikanan dan Kelautan Universitas Airlangga

Technology in the Field of Fisheries to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0


The Industrial Revolution 4.0 is a time when information technology (IT) is growing and becoming a challenge that can even be a necessity in human life that cannot be avoided. Facing Ravolusi Industri 4.0, all fields must be prepared and prepared to survive and develop when all information is easy and fast to be accessed and spread throughout the world. One of them is the field of fisheries and marine affairs.

As an effort to improve the insight and preparation of the world of education, especially universities in the transfer of technology to meet and cope with the Industrial Revolution 4.0, especially in the fisheries sector, 3 (three) Lecturer Staff from the Department of Fish Health and Aquaculture Management (MKI-BP), Faculty Fisheries and Marine Affairs, Airlangga University was invited as a resource person at the National Seminar entitled “Technology in the Fisheries Sector to Face the Industrial Revolution 4.0” organized by the Faculty of Fisheries, Lamongan Islamic University (UNISLA) and welcomed directly by the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries and Chair of the UNISLA Foundation.

The National Seminar was held on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at the UNISLA Rectorate. Staff of the MKI-BP Department Lecturer, FPK UNAIR, who was appointed as the Resource Person were:

Dr. Hari Suprapto who presented the Fish Vaccine Technology material,
Gunanti Mahasri who delivered material about Immunostimulant Technology in Shrimp
Akhmad Taufiq Mukti who talked about the Potential and Development of Aquaculture through the Application of Biotechnology

The National Seminar was attended by the Chancellor and all Vice Chancellors of UNISLA as well as the Dean of the Faculty of Fisheries UNISLA. The seminar was also opened directly by the UNISLA Chancellor. The seminar also presented Speakers from Members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission IV in charge of Fisheries, Marine and Environment, namely Mr. Viva Yoga Mauladi, M.Sc., native of Arek Lamongan and as Chairperson of Panja on the Bill on Fisheries, Marine and Environment.

The National Seminar was attended by around 105 participants from the Fisheries and Marine Services, Fisheries Companion Extension from Mojokerto and Lamongan, Fish and Shrimp Cultivators Group, Trunojoyo Madura University students, and UNISLA students and high school students. In addition, UNISLA Faculty of Fisheries lecturers were also attended.

Author: Akhmad Taufiq Mukti